Live Cricket TV : Star Sports TV APK


Live Cricket TV: Star Sports TV turns your Android device into the perfect place to keep track of cricket scores and big matches. Known as one of the top sports apps, it allows you to watch live matches and stay up to date with your favorite teams.a

Not everyone has convenient access to cricket matches as others do. It often depends on where you live and the type of cable or network package that you have. When you can't watch matches on your television, you can download this app to watch them on the go. It's a great way to watch live cricket when you're relaxing at home or on a break from work. Live Cricket TV: Star Sports TV does more than just give you access to live games though. It also shows you the results from the season and which teams are on top as well as all of the current scores. Once a match is over, the app even shows you the highlight reels from each one.

You need a good wireless internet connection to use this app along with 3G or 4G service. Though it is free to use some features, others cost money to access and are quite expensive. You might find that the interface isn't as strong as you would like and that it's confusing to use. When you overlook those problems, you find a handy app. Live Cricket TV: Star Sports TV is a must-have app for cricket fans.


  1. Streams live cricket matches to your device
  2. Offers lots of cricket info
  3. Includes highlight reels and videos
  4. Some features are free to use


  1. Poor interface
  2. Requires a WiFi connection and 3G/4G
  3. Limited content for free users
  4. Expensive to use all features

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