Install the Google Play Store on any Huawei Device (2022) In just 2 mins

Do you want to install Google Play on your Huawei phone? There is a way. And while we still don't know if the Biden administration will reverse the ban on installing Google services on Huawei phones, there is a way to install them on Huawei phones and other devices. Some are easy, some are very complicated, but this new method has to be the easiest we've seen yet, even with its limitations. Shared by XDA Developers, Dual Space is an easy way to add Google services to your Huawei device without worry. This solution works as of the time of publication, February 4, 2021.

Install the Google Play Store on any Huawei Device (2022) In just 2 mins
Install the Google Play Store on any Huawei Device (2022) In just 2 mins

Here’s how to Install Google Play on a Huawei device:

  • Download the Dual Space app here. The APK file is small at around 11mb, but it has all the GMS basics you will need.
  • Install the app on your Huawei device. There are a bunch of ads, so just be patient as it installs GMS into your Huawei device.
  • Once installed, open Dual Space and log-in using your Google account.
  • Open Google Play and start installing all the apps you need
  • Enjoy your GMS-equipped Huawei device!

How does it work?

Dual Space is a virtual machine that lets you run Google apps safely without tinkering too much (or resorting to rooting) your Huawei device. Installing it is easy, that anyone can simply do it. It is also the most convenient solution to date, as all Huawei devices will work with it. We tested this on a MatePad T10s with EMUI 10.1, and it worked flawlessly.

Click below for Download:

Dual Space

Is there a catch?

Aside from the annoying ads, you can’t properly install Play Store apps like games on it because of its virtual machine nature–even if you technically have Google services, you are practically limited to core Google apps and the usual social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

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In addition, since it is based on a virtual machine, you will need to manually refresh your Google apps for updates. Despite its limitations, Dual Space is currently the quickest and easiest way to put Google Services on your Huawei device.

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